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About Me


For any reviews, sponsorships, event invitations, advertorials or collaborations, you may reach me via :

1. Email: rosebudlynx88[at]gmail.com
2. Facebook: Huda Luna Hussin
3. Instagram: Hudaluna

Huda Luna Hussin 
32 years old || 2020
Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Full Time Working Mummy (FTWM) and Full Time Blogger

Married to my other half - Ipin Hussin since 8th September 2012, Saturday || 21 Syawal 1433H

Mummy to Qaireen Nisrina, Yusuff Idraaki and Kaysaa Tiliyya
Mummy to lil angel Firdaus : Miscarriage

Love food, home decoration, kids activities, make up, skincare.

I do blog about parenting, lifestyle, pregnancy, skincare, beauty, make up, food (of course!), kids activities, breastfeeding, baby food, solid food and many more!

Dearhusband blog : ArepinDaBoss

Qaireen Nisrina
Qaireen Nisrina

Yusuff Idraaki
Yusuff Idraaki

Kaysaa Tiliyya

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